Paroles Fly Trouble de Hank Williams

Hank Williams
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  • Artiste: Hank Williams16312
  • Chanson: Fly Trouble
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Textes et Paroles de Fly Trouble

Did you ever sit straight up in bedWith somethin a circlin round ya headAn ya swat at it as it wizzes byAnd its just one pesky little flyYou shake ya head an twitch ya noseAnd settle down to sweep ya floorsAnd when ya just about to troubleBuzz buzz buzz goes that busy little flyBuzz buzz buzz hes takin off an hideYou roll the paper up nice and tightAnd wait around for him to lightBut theirs a fly thats a liven rightBuzz buzz buzzNow the toughest hide grows on a muleCause hes a bulky stuborn foolHe likes to look at yu and glareAn never even move a hairBut when his muscles start to twitchAn when his tail begins to swishThat mule aint bothered with an troubleBuzz buzz buzz goes that busy little pestBuzz buzz buzz that mule cant get no restHe shakes his head an bats his eyeAn kicks his heels up to the skyDid you ever see a jass ack cryBuzz buzz buzzNow you pick a perfect night in juneWhen flowers are bloomin beneath the moonAnd ya light of love is shinin brightAn you tell ya self tonights the nightYa brace ya self an ya courage growsAn on ya knees where you would proposeWhen somethin bights you on the troubleBuzz buzz buzz goes that busy little thingBuzz buzz buzz you swat an loose the ringYou fan the air as he goes byAn stick ya finger in your eyeHit everything except that flyBuzz buzz buzz

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