Paroles I've Been Down That Road Before de Hank Williams

Hank Williams
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  • Artiste: Hank Williams16312
  • Chanson: I've Been Down That Road Before
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Textes et Paroles de I've Been Down That Road Before

Now friend if you'll just listen to me you'll get some good hard earned adviceI don't aim to meddle in your business I'm just tryin' to save you an awful priceNow you see these teeth that I ain't got and these knots on my bald headI'll guarantee you boys I didn't get them there lyin' at home in the bedNow take the smart aleck in any town of him folks want no partHe acts like his head was only made to hold his ears apartNow he might like what I'm bout to say and my words might make him soreBut I'm just tryin' to be helpful cause I've been down that road beforeTo bully folks and play mean tricks was once my pride and joyTill one day I was toted home and mama didn't know her little boyMy head was swelled up so doggone big I couldn't get it through my front doorNow I ain't just talkin' to hear myself cause I've been down that road beforeA little fellow about my size got tired of being pushed aboutSo he went to work and when he got through he'd knocked every one of my teeth outOne time too many I'd rubbed him wrong and he evened up the scoreNow that's what happens when you get too big for your britchesAnd I've been down that road beforeNow when you get to thinkin' you're really smartThere's always somebody smarter than youAnd no matter how much you boast and brag you can still learn a thing or twoGo get you some treatments just like I've had and you won't hanker for moreI really learned the meaning of living and loving I've been down that road beforeNow the man that walks this rocky road usually gets just what he deservesCause he's just a helpless servant to a master that he servesNow I've learned to slow my temper down and not to pick no scraps no moreBoys it's a lot easier on the head and eyes I've been down that road before

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