Paroles Just Waitin' de Hank Williams

Hank Williams
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  • Artiste: Hank Williams16312
  • Chanson: Just Waitin'
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Textes et Paroles de Just Waitin'

The old maid's waitin' for leap year to comeThe crooner's just waitin' to singThe old cow's standin' by the bull durham signJust a-waitin' for the grass to turn green.The bar-flys waitin' for an easy mark'n the hitch-hikers waitin' for a rideThe life-termers waitin' for a prison breakThe beachcombers waitin' for the ride.Farmer's daughters waitin' for the salesmanTo take her into townThe city slickers waitin' for the country boyTo lay all his money down.You know evrything comes to a standstillNothin' seems to make a turnWorm must be waitin' for the early birdI guess the early bird's waitin for the worm.Nobody wants to do nothin'Just waitin' to get a finger in the pieWaitin' for a call from a big quiz showOr hopin' and a-waitin' and for some rich uncle to die.Katy, she's waitin' at the garden gateThe moonshiner's waitin' at the still'n the gamblers still waitin' for that ace in the holeI guess Jack's still waitin for Jill.Evrybody's waitin' for somthin'Nothing seems to turn out rightcause the night shifts waitin' for mornin'And the burglar just waitin' for night.The congregations waitin' for the preacherPreacher just waitin' for the groomThe grooms just waiti' for the june brideAnd the brides just waitin' for june.Sunflowers waitin' for the sunshineViolets just waitin' for dewBees just waitin' for honeyAnd, honey, I'm just waitin' for you.

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