Paroles The Funeral de Hank Williams

Hank Williams
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  • Artiste: Hank Williams16312
  • Chanson: The Funeral
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Textes et Paroles de The Funeral

I was walking in savannah past a church, decayed and dimWhen slowly through the window came a plaintive funeral hymnAnd my sympathy awakened and a wonder quickly grewtil I found myself envired in a little colored pew.Out front a colored couple sat in sorrow, nearly wildOn the altar was a casket and in the casket was a childI could picture him while livin, curly hair, protuding lipsId seen perhaps a thousand in my hurried southern trips.Rose a sad, old colored preacher from his little wooden deskWith a manner sorta awkward, and countenance grotesqueThe simplicity and shrewdness in his eithopian faceShowed the wisdom and ignorance of a crushed, undying race.And he said, now dont be weepin for this pretty bit of clayFor the little boy who lived there has done gone and run awayHe was doin very finely and he appreciates your loveBut his shore nuff father wanted him in the big house up above.The lord didnt give you that baby, by no hundred thousand milesHe just thought you need some sunshine, and he lent it for awhileAnd he let you keep and love it til your hearts were bigger grownAnd these silver tears youre sheddin now is just interest on the loan.Just think, my poor dear mourners, creepin long on sorrows lifes wayWhat a blessed picnic this here baby got todayYour good fathers and good mothers crowd the little fellow roundIn the angels tender garden of the big plantation ground.And his eyes they brightly sparkle at the pretty things he viewedBut a tear came, and he whispered, i want my parents , tooBut then the angels chief musicians teach that little boy a songSays if only they be faithful theyll soon be comin long.So, my poor detached mourners, let your hearts with jesus restAnd dont go to criticizin the one what knows the bestHe has give us many comforts, hes got the right to take awayTo the lord be praised in glory, forever, let us pray.

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