Paroles Pay No More de Hanker

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  • Artiste: Hanker7268
  • Chanson: Pay No More
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Textes et Paroles de Pay No More

[This is not about money; But about how much one man can take...]

Everyday it's all the same
People keep screaming at me
They blow my mind, burn my eyes
Break my heart
With words that hurt inside
Makes me afraid

Every night before I sleep
It's like a movie in my head
I'm fearless, I'm so strong
I hit'em, beat'em
And I sweep'em all
They're all afraid

I've got to save my mind
'Cause I don't wanna pay anymore

Pay no more
Pay no more
Pay no more

But when I wake up, it's still the same
I see them all laughing at me
Things are getting ever harder
Life's not such
As my dreams are
It hurts inside

I've got to speak my mind
'Cause I don't wanna pay anymore

Pay no more
Pay no more
Pay no more
Pay no more

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