Paroles Boomerang de Hanson

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  • Artiste: Hanson2739
  • Chanson: Boomerang
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Textes et Paroles de Boomerang

There's something special about you babe,
maybe it's your smile. But when I see you, you
peel the dial.


Bing, bang, it hit me like a boomerang. Light
turns green and blood starts flowing.

Bing, Bang, it hit me like a boomerang. Light
turns red and my heart starts pumping. {End of chorus.}

Maybe somehow in my make believe world,
maybe somehow you will be my girl. And now
you understand that there are other guys, but
when I see you my blood pressure starts to rise.

{Repeat chorus 2 times.}

Bing bang ba da ba ba da bang
Bing bang ba da ba ba da bang
Bing bang ba da ba ba da bang
Bing bang ba da ba ba da bang
Bing bang ba da ba ba da bang

I see girls of all shapes and sizes,
but baby since I met you, you're the only
one for me.


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