Paroles Bacon de Harry And The Potters

Harry And The Potters
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  • Chanson: Bacon
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Textes et Paroles de Bacon

(Paul) Hey, Harry?
(Joe) Yes, Harry?
(Paul) What's your favorite food?
(Joe) Oh, you know my favorite food is bacon

(Paul) Hey, Harry?
(Joe) Oh yeah, Harry?
(Paul) What's your favorite thing that's cooked by Mrs. Weasley?
(Joe) You know my favorite thing at the Weasley's -
(Paul) Is it bacon?
(Joe) Is bacon!

(Joe) In the morning
On my toast
Coming out of a pale ghost
On my eggs
In my sandwich
Every day
Under my pillow

(Both) Bacon, bacon
Bacon, bacon
Bacon, bacon
Bacon, bacon

(Joe) Thanks Harry, for reminding me about how much I love bacon
(Paul) Well, you know, I was just thinking about how much I love bacon
(Joe) Really?
(Paul) Yep
(Joe) I'm gonna be thinking about that in the future, too

(Both) Bacon, bacon
Bacon, bacon
Bacon, bacon
Bacon, bacon

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