Paroles Hello Stranger de Harvey Fuqua

Harvey Fuqua
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  • Artiste: Harvey Fuqua16531
  • Chanson: Hello Stranger
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Textes et Paroles de Hello Stranger

I was shopping the other day at a local market
& I looked around & looked over there & said,
"That looks like...who it is. I think I'll go over there & say hello."

Hello stranger, I haven't seen you around
How have you been doing with that new love you found?
Stranger, oh stranger, have you been blue?
Have you been missing me like I've been missing you?
Stranger, oh stranger, is he treatin' my children right?
Does he tell them bedtime stories
& does he tuck 'em in, kiss 'em
& make 'em say their prayers every night?
Stranger, oh stranger, now I realize what you said
That you can't find happiness, no
Laying in another woman's bed
Stranger, oh stranger, hello & goodbye
I guess I'd better keep right on movin'
'Cause I just don't, I just don't want you to see my cry

Honey, tell the children that Daddy still loves 'em
& it was all a misunderstanding
& if they ever need or want anything, you know I'll always be right there

Oh stranger, oh stranger, if you should ever change your mind
Just find yourself a telephone & dial lovin' 456789
Oh stranger, oh stranger, eyes I'll walk away
I want you to know that (I love you x6)
Oh stranger, I love you...& fade

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