Paroles Overlooked Generation de Harvey Fuqua

Harvey Fuqua
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  • Artiste: Harvey Fuqua16531
  • Chanson: Overlooked Generation
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Textes et Paroles de Overlooked Generation

I went to visit a friend of mine in a convalescent home the other day. As I went into her room, she was sitting in an old rocking chair with her head hanging down, looking so lonely. As I touched her on the shoulder, she turned, looked, & as she recognized me, this is what she had to say:

"I'm so glad to see you; you're the first in a long time
You really did something to this old heart of mine
I feel better now that you're here
Today I won't have to shed one tear
My daughter, sometimes she writes"
She said, "My son, my son has dropped completely out of sight
Yes I faded from their young minds
So I guess till the end, I'll live my time
I tell you, it's a sad situation
Livin' in an overlooked generation"

"Sure, we have attention from nurses & doctors too
But let's face it--they're doing what they're paid to do, yeah
Some have forgotten that we are a part of this world
At one time, we were young boys & girls
I tell you, it's a sad situation
Livin' in an overlooked generation"

(Oooo so sad, so so so sad)
So sad to see is when they're no longer young & carefree
When they're taken to a home with one room to call their own
She said, "I might not live to see that day
But my old eyes can see you comin' this way
I tell you, it's a sad situation
Livin' in an overlooked generation"

(spoken, over backing "Sad situation, livin' in an overlooked generation"):
It's a crying shame to see all those lonely people just sitting there, feeling abandoned, so down. You know, we'd better start thinking, 'cause what goes around comes right on back around.

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