Paroles Behold Judas de Hate Eternal

Hate Eternal
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  • Artiste: Hate Eternal9923
  • Chanson: Behold Judas
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Textes et Paroles de Behold Judas

As I stand before thee, Master of the arcane,
Lest we forget your burden father,
From beneath the binding of the irreverent one who is shroud in darkness
Revealed! Heathen to all that is sacred!

Behold Judas, Betrayer,
Behold Judas, Behold.
Curse thy prophet, abhor thy martyr

Behold Judas, Deceiver,
Behold Judas, Behold.

I serve myself unto thee, Master of the Labyrinth,
Succumb we must to this promised design

From within you suffer, Your knowledge of your transgressions.

I bow down before you, master of the kingdom,
Under the guise of a holy existence,
From the depths of all time,
Is the man who claims to be our savior
Emerged! Traitor to all that is holy!

Behold Judas, Betrayer,
Behold Judas, Behold.
Curse thy prophet, Abhor thy martyr.

Behold Judas, Deceiver,
Behold Judas, Behold.
Mock thy tyrant, Cast out thy ruler.

Behold Judas, Betrayer,
Behold Judas, Behold,
Curse thy prophet, Abhor thy martyr.

Behold Judas, Behold Judas,

Prevail I shall, Usurper of Darkness,

Be gone!
Be gone!
Be gone!
Be gone!

I bestow upon you my contempt, Master of the labyrinth,
I bestow upon you malice, Master of the kingdom,
I bestow upon you savagery, Master of the Revered Place

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