Paroles Sail On de Heather Nova

Heather Nova
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  • Artiste: Heather Nova2897
  • Chanson: Sail On
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Textes et Paroles de Sail On

( Together As One EP )

My life is a chain of islands
My life is a string of pearls
Every heartbeat is a new beginning
And each breath brings a whole new world

I was born at the end of an evening
The day I die will be a brand new day
If my song is one star shining
Then my symphony is the Milky Way

I know the stars by the space between them
You can't have islands without the sea
Pure thin air is what defines me
I can't be real if I can't float free

Mmm ooh
Oo-ooh ooh

I feel your touch when we're not touching
The feeling's strongest when the feeling's gone
My life is a chain of islands
Land for a moment, then sail on

Sail on
Sail on
Land and sail on

Sail on
Sail on
Land and sail on

Sail, ooh
Land and sail on

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