Paroles The Scarlet Forsaken de Hecate Enthroned

Hecate Enthroned
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  • Artiste: Hecate Enthroned9968
  • Chanson: The Scarlet Forsaken
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Textes et Paroles de The Scarlet Forsaken

As the scarlet and amber, peers in through forsaken
Thy gravelessness whisper remains
Where time can never dwell in this solitary hell
Even though we are free of its chains

For I am not as once I was
I yearn to search and watch return
Meeting shadows, seasons tare
As once they roamed without a care
The blood and wine, for art divine
All mist in seething, never sleeping

As I wait in thy rapture, the sound of our laughter
Sword in my hand I shall arise
For darkness in waiting, prevail and forsaking
Enshadowing evil divine
From an evergreen land where the lore shall command
The patrons of right shall remain
And dwelleth forever int he lands of the nether
Be found in trains of nightmare thy darkness remains
A precarious entity subjected to change
A yearning expressed sprung through tales of death
As infinity unites, with kaos we remain

For centuries of dark shall crack open the moonlight sky
This mournful sound as darkness falls upon thy face
I cannot see beyond the haze that distorts thy shadow
'Neath of terrible slaves
And wouldst thou trade thy dying soul
For the life that burns
That a thousand lifetimes be hidden in frost
Held captive forever for the war they've lost
Draped in sinister pain, only terror remains
And the scarlet forsaken be hidden in shame

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