Paroles Ideals Lost de Heideroosjes

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  • Artiste: Heideroosjes4984
  • Chanson: Ideals Lost
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Textes et Paroles de Ideals Lost

Look at me, sitting in this chair
I'm twenty-two and I don't care
My ideals have disappeared
I became one of those I've always feared

I had the illusion that I could change the world
Ideals lost, Ideals lost
Nowadays I laugh about the dreams I've had
Ideals lost, Ideals lost

They call it grown-up, I think it's just old
Never thought that life could feel so cold
I've lost my faith in my own friends
Always thought true friendship never ends

I'm replaceable and it makes me sad
Ideals lost, Ideals lost
Nowadays I laugh about the dreams
I've had Ideals lost, Ideals lost

Leave me alone and I'll be fine
Do your thing and allow me mine
I just need to disengage
Rebuilt myself and release my pent up rage

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