Paroles Mom and Dad Created A Monster de Heideroosjes

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  • Artiste: Heideroosjes4984
  • Chanson: Mom and Dad Created A Monster
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Textes et Paroles de Mom and Dad Created A Monster

I am nothing, I'm just a piece of shit
My clothes are different so you can see it
The thoughts I have are not the same as yours
Those ideas don't make my a loser without force

Mom and Dad created a monster The monster is me
Mom and Dad created a monster I just count up to three
Mom and Dad created a monster Please don't look at me
Mom and Dad created a monster The monster is me

I am nothing, I'm a beast without sense
Completely mad, out of my mind, so are my friends
The way I walk divides me from the crowd
Crowd full of hypocrites, don't know what they are about

I am nothing, because I don't wear a suit
But if that's what you like, than you should
It's more fun to feel fine yourself
Than do things just to please somebody else

Mom and Dad created a monster, the monster is me

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