Paroles Western White Kid de Heideroosjes

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  • Artiste: Heideroosjes4984
  • Chanson: Western White Kid
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Textes et Paroles de Western White Kid

He was just fourteen and he was white
A smart person? yes.
A Hero? Oh no not quite
He had no friends, he was always on his own
He wasn't accepted, he wasn't full-grown

Ugly, spoiled, pimpled, western, white kid
With knock-kneed legs

In school the kids always kicked his ass
Because he played the guitar instead of smoking grass
The pimples where all over his ugly face
If he smiled they jumped all different ways

They called him nerd, they called him dweep
He had his pride and they never made him weep
They all humbled him, even the busschool driver
Although they thought he was a loser, he was a survivor

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