Paroles A Hundred Times Better de Herman Düne

Herman Düne
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  • Artiste: Herman Düne10487
  • Chanson: A Hundred Times Better
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Textes et Paroles de A Hundred Times Better

The signals and the codes
The numbers and the traps
Of an urban landscape
Make me think about H
ow our life is ruled
By nobodies
Life is an everyday fight
In which I want to take a part

Life is an everyday fight
Life is an everyday fight
Life is an everyday fight
Life is an everyday fight

My head is full of dirt
Since you're here around
"I've got a broken heart
And I have been set up"
I remember the times
When I was the leading one
And now I'm pushed around
And framed by everyone

Framed by everyone
Framed by everyone
Framed by everyone
Framed by everyone

Time that is wasted
Hanging around Time that is wasted
Messing around
Is worth "a hundred times better"
Than the one when you talk
You lousy liars
We're worth "a hundred times better"

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