Paroles Banjo's Goin Home de Hermann Lammers Meyer

Hermann Lammers Meyer
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  • Artiste: Hermann Lammers Meyer48714
  • Chanson: Banjo's Goin Home
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Textes et Paroles de Banjo's Goin Home

Refr: Banjo` s goin home, banjo s goin home
Banjo s tired of roaming, banjo s goin home

Georgia here I come, Greyhound load my gear,
Packin Up old banjo, getting out of here
Me and banjo thought, that it could be a start
Banjo`s tired of shining in a backstreet bar

Refr :Banjo`s…


Bye bye city lights, bye bye city toys,
Banjo learned the lesson to tell a country boy
Banjo got the blues, banjo wants to cry
City don t love banjo, banjo don`` t know why

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