Paroles 'sorry' Is Just A Four Letter Word de Heroes

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  • Artiste: Heroes4462
  • Chanson: 'sorry' Is Just A Four Letter Word
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Textes et Paroles de 'sorry' Is Just A Four Letter Word

I remember when
I could count on you
Back when you actually cared
But something changed
I saw it in your eyes
Now you're everything that I despise
You used to be my everything
The only person that I thought I could trust
I would've done anything for you
But you fucked up
I turned around and you didn't think twice
To stab me right in the fucking back
I'm sorry means nothing coming from you
I won't fall for that lie ever again
Ever again
You turned out to be
The person you said you'd never be
Stop crying to me
We're fucking done

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