Paroles God Favored Me (Part I) de Hezekiah Walker

Hezekiah Walker
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  • Artiste: Hezekiah Walker19165
  • Chanson: God Favored Me (Part I)
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Textes et Paroles de God Favored Me (Part I)

Love is patient, caring. Love is kind. love is felt most when it's genuine. LOVE I had my share of love abuse, manipulated and it's strength missued.But I can't help but give u glory, when I think about my story. and I know u favor me because my enimies they tried they could'nttriumph over me. yes they did try the could'nttriumph over me.

They wispered, conspired, they told there lies(god favors me)
My character, my integrity, my faith in god(he favors me)
Will not fall, will not bend, won't comprimise (God favors me)
I speak life, and prosperity, and I speak life(God favors me)


Yes, yes, yes (god favors me)

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