Paroles Sexy Girlfriend de Hi-Standard

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  • Artiste: Hi-Standard11201
  • Chanson: Sexy Girlfriend
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Textes et Paroles de Sexy Girlfriend

When we met I fell in love
On the beautiful summer day
Her big boobs in her bikini
Took my heart away

When we first were making love
Her hole was tight and wet
But tonight found out she's a bitch
And only wanted sex

Now I miss my girl
Kick me out and lock the door
The fault of my cock:
It was too small for her

Just one thing she doesn't know
I stole her underwear
And now that's all I have left of her
Please come back to me

Every night, jacking off, trying on her underwear
Oh will my sexy girlfriend please come back to me?
Every night, jacking off, trying on her underwear
Oh will my sexy girlfriend please come back to me?
Please come back to me
Please come back to me

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