Paroles Edge Of Time 04:44 de Highland Glory

Highland Glory
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  • Chanson: Edge Of Time 04:44
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Textes et Paroles de Edge Of Time 04:44

I still hear the sounds of madness
Screaming in my brain
Empty thoughts of yesterday
Fills my heath with pain
Sitting in my car tonight
With my hands over my head
Thinking of that life that I never had

Come to me, give me some piece of your magic
Show me the way to your life
Memories of past time still rings inside my head
Please show me, show me the way

Can you take me to the edge of time
Free me from this holy lie
Making all of the bad things right
On the edge
Can you take me to the edge of time
Future past, our life rewind
To be free and live your life in peace
On the edge of time

I close the door behind me
And try to not look back
Shadows making fun of me
I tell ya, how sick is that?
My mind still plays tricks on me
The voices in my head
Repeating me, screaming to me
Laughing in my head

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