Paroles Somewhere 04:47 de Highland Glory

Highland Glory
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  • Artiste: Highland Glory9418
  • Chanson: Somewhere 04:47
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Textes et Paroles de Somewhere 04:47

Standing on his grave, her memory seems weak
The one thing she can't forget lies in her still
Reflections of his face is haunting her again
Will there be a chance for us
And can this clock be turned back in the end?

In this glorious world our happiness is born again
Or soul is free and the world begins to shine again
Take your life back again and raise your head
We are free to be endlessly somewhere

The horror that she feels, to live her life again
She knows that this is more than she can bear
She runs out of the door to find his secret place
The miracle of life she ask for
The spirit of the gods to give him life

"It's too late, we can't grant your wish
He is far into another world
Say your prayers, maybe one day he will return"?

She turns away in grief, she knows the time has come
It's time to carry on and to forget
Then suddenly appears, a voice that calls to her
"I will try get back to you, don't be afraid, we will meet again"!

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