Paroles Holiday de Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff
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  • Artiste: Hilary Duff3005
  • Chanson: Holiday
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Textes et Paroles de Holiday

Verse 1
i remember summer
you and me lasting for ever
holiday comeing we never
never ever be apart
i remember spending
all of my time there remembring
that you wish we had it romantic
you end up being in my heart

pre chorus
and in the summer (i miss you)
and in the winter (i miss you)
it dont matter (what i do)
since you went away
since you went away
and in the summer (i miss you)
and in the winter (i miss you)
it dont matter what i do
it dont matter what i say you left it

you took a holiday from us
you took a trip and left your love
if your heart went down forever
you should've told me where it was
you took a holiday from me
i guess you needed to be free
i would've loved you with no measure
and now you got me asking
(where did you run from?)2x
(where did you run from?)3x
where....did you go
where did my heart go?
you took a holiday yea
(where did you run from?)2x
(where did you run from?)
where...did you go
where did my heart go?
why did you leave
this ain't no holiday for me

verse 2
watching you leave theres no talking
left on my own its so shocking
guess forever was just a dream
i think we could've made it
but its history now its fading
my image of the future's changing
and baby damn that thing called destiny
got the best of me

pre chorus
now in the summer (i missyou)
and in the winter (i miss you)
it dont matter what i do
it dont mater what i say you left it...


if i could take a step back make it turn out different
i would hide those bags and i teared that ticket
never thought you'd leave me done in a minute
now i'm makeing new plans and your just not in it...2x



(Thanks to Lorena for these lyrics)

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