Paroles Everyone's The Same Age de Hockey

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  • Artiste: Hockey45604
  • Chanson: Everyone's The Same Age
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Textes et Paroles de Everyone's The Same Age

Yeah everybody's got a soul to shine I know
I want to be good enough for someone but no one says it like that
Yeah Britain's favorite junky of '04 I know
First they're gonna build him up and then just let him go...

No it's not the same when they call me by my name these days
Because I know by the sound that they don't know who I am, oh no no

Well I only dance 3 times a year
And I only say what I feel cuz it's worth it you know
Yeah you know.

Yeah everybody's got a soul to shine I know
I want to be good enough for someone but just don't say it like tha
One girl on fire just trying now to keep it out I see
The harder that she tries more bright it's gonna shine you see...

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I only say what I feel
I only feel three times a year.
Everyone feels all the time
And when the light's went out of the sky
Over my grandparents farm in July
I said I'm gonna play the NBA
Hey hey hey
Yeah I'm gonna do that.

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