Paroles Board To Death de Holier Than Thou?

Holier Than Thou?
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  • Artiste: Holier Than Thou?48326
  • Chanson: Board To Death
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Textes et Paroles de Board To Death

I just wanna skate
I don't wanna go to school
Don't wanna be someplace
When I'm treated like a fool
Don't need the aggravation
Just need some wheel rotation
And why do they keep all that
Fucking water in their pool?

Life is such a bitch when the city
Wrecks your ditch
I get so disturbed when I see forbidden curbs
I don't understand why my grind spots
Have been banned
Your mom's a tramp
She tore down your ramp!

I just wanna skate, I don't wanna go to work
Don't need to be someplace
Where I'm treated like a jerk
All day I dream of skating
While my boss just keeps berating
Why am I stuck here where my critic foreman lurks?

I just wanna skate, I don't wanna be stuck here
Why is this shit like this?
In and out, each, every year?
Don't need all the frustration, what I need is a vacation
With nothing but a ramp and non-alcoholic beer

Board To Death
I'm Fucking Board To Death!

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