Paroles Adult Machine de Holy Moses

Holy Moses
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  • Chanson: Adult Machine
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Textes et Paroles de Adult Machine

When darkness falls and the
Twisted psychology starts it's the time
I hear my mummy sings the nicely
Song of death cannot hide the
Face of massacre
Because it is only a song so I have to
Dance my daddy's dead they burned
Down my home and mum prays me into
Sleep horror is so lovely and nice is
This song from war
Death - pain and burning homes
Like I call that dainty song
"The Song of death"
Like the bluntless of the adult machine
Shades of hell
Frantic reverie
A fast decline
Song of death
The power of a gun
Is subtracted
Normal fun the path of sleep
Signed with mum's son before
The darkness fills my sky

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