Paroles Fortress Of Desperation de Holy Moses

Holy Moses
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  • Artiste: Holy Moses10043
  • Chanson: Fortress Of Desperation
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Textes et Paroles de Fortress Of Desperation

Thou the fortress of desperation
May plunge you into doubts
You shall not fear to stride
Across my bridge of inner strength

Is it well worth the price?
they have taken all you gave
In my life I perceived
You haven't seen the light of day

And what you see in your face
It's distrated can't you tell
Let me help you all to see
Take the trail it's just for you

I will live in the world
But my resytaint will be burst
Look away keep no restraint

You have you won reality
You find it hard to believe
Then we can fight together

I will get no amnesty
It seems I lost your way
You can't control my own destiny

On the trail I close the gap
I stand alone await your return
Restraint ins dissolved just in time

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