Paroles I Will de Holy Moses

Holy Moses
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  • Chanson: I Will
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Textes et Paroles de I Will

Twisted misery hadle tragedy
Killing souls for a better day
Hostile foces will break away
At the place where Satan rules

I will - the changes in me
I will - what you never can be
I will - the changes in me
I will - what you never can be
I will - get out of here
Set my black soul free
It's tearing me - it's killing me

Mortal remains evil domain
Winning game goes down to drain
Fragile hopes inside your brain
Across the lake of bloody lies

A single sign of life appears
A serenade of satans order
Stigmata of a spiritual domain
The way to show I am not insane

Set my black soul free

Wasted years of dark insanity
Slaughtering dreams from agony
Tragic melody of lost souls
In the dark age of decay

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