Paroles Panic de Holy Moses

Holy Moses
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  • Artiste: Holy Moses10043
  • Chanson: Panic
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Textes et Paroles de Panic

[1] Running past the gurning ears
Everyone is crazy
Crying of a new born child
Whose mother has been crushed
Suffocating clouds of smoke
Over smoldering remains
Blackening the blood red sky
Looking like a wild new land
We don't abide the law
No more abide the law
[2] The could see it in the news
A giant is approaching
People can't believe it's real
Judgement day is here
You can almost smell the fear
Repressing shane and reason
Violence is breaking out
Order is destroyed
We don't ...
[Lead solo: Hermann]
[3] Class is crashing sirens wail
Defending the senses
Someone grads a riot gun
No one hears the shot
If it's war
Or not
Human natures dark side
Revealed at lost
We don't ...

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