Paroles Third Birth de Holy Moses

Holy Moses
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  • Artiste: Holy Moses10043
  • Chanson: Third Birth
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Textes et Paroles de Third Birth

The day - of my - third birth - there - comes a - nother - fucking - day
Through the - shadows - of my - soul - searching - for an - endless - black hole
Tell me what's the price that you pay
To find - me in - love or - grave - believe - in a - better - day
Misery - and pain - rules my - tears - the loades - of fun - are doomed - to - hell
Sweet dreams - bathing - in my - brain - visions - of lights - lost in - fun
I will - begin - where to - find - demons - of fear - ruling - me
Towers - dreams - waiting - here - I can't - be strong - I need - you
This time - I thought - you need - me - but now - I feel - like lost - in nowhere

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