Paroles Walpurgisnight de Holy Moses

Holy Moses
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  • Artiste: Holy Moses10043
  • Chanson: Walpurgisnight
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Textes et Paroles de Walpurgisnight

Walking the streets alone at night
You never thing you're scared to fight
Strange woman coming near
You feel a sudden fear
Clouds now cover the moon
Death will face you soon

Witch bitch - demons laughing loud
Witch bitch - gonna eat your heart out

Snakes wind round your feet
Your heart has stopped to beat
This woman crossing your way
Took your mind so far away
Witches dance around the fire
It's your heart what they desire

Witch bitch - demons laughing loud
Witch bitch - gonna eat your heart out

For hell's snake give your life
High priestess sinks the knife
Into your guts you bleed
Waking up at night you scream
Realize it's just a dream

Witch bitch - demons laughing loud
Witch bitch - gonna eat your heart out

When the witches turn around
By satan's spell you're bound

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