Paroles Perun de Honor

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  • Artiste: Honor7275
  • Chanson: Perun
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Textes et Paroles de Perun

This god on the banners of his armies which are ready to die
He's hidden in the dark for so long
He's the father of all the tribes that risen from blood and soil
And were born here to stay
With his lightning's eternal protection our nation exists
Our way still leads towards him
He executes cruel justice for betrayal of his law
Towards him we hail

I've got to protect my faith to survive
I've got to fight till the end of my strength
I've got to belief in our sacred world
I've got to stand strong in our battle for blood
I've got to create, to be best as I can
I've got to destroy what ruins my land
I've got to fight till the end of my strength
I've got to protect my faith to survive

This god on the banners of his armies, he's got not only one face
And his power is in the steel of our swords
He's an oak as old as the sky where our battle cries run
Like the soil he protects our being
He brings death wherever our swords have to win
He allows us to conquer this
His anger is a weapon, thunder strike
In revenge thrown down to destroy

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