Paroles Undefeated de Horrorpops

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  • Artiste: Horrorpops5142
  • Chanson: Undefeated
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Textes et Paroles de Undefeated

When i'm down, you get me up
I always have you to count on
When i'm alone, you call
with a voice
That makes me smile
Taking away, the pain
You remove my infection
My band, my friends
My life, my pride
What keeps me undefeated

Words that go unspoken
You know what's in my heart

never gonna go back where
i had no place to roam
if i start going down again
you got my back
and you'll never let me go

if i go blind from crying
cause of all the pain
that i've received
you're there to remind me
that i don't cry alone
if i start to fumble
you're there
to prevent my stumble
my pain, my grief
my loss, i'm not so tuff
you're there to keep the line
to keep my heart beating
my brand, my friends
my life, my pride

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