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Huey Lewis And The News
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  • Chanson: But It's Alright
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Textes et Paroles de But It's Alright

You don't know how I feel
You'll never know how I feel
When I needed you to come around
You always try to put me down
Well I know, girl, believe me when I say that
You are surely, surely gonna pay, girl

But it's all right, all right girl
You can hurt me but it's all right
Hey now, one day ah, you will see
You'll never find a guy like me
Who'll love you right both day and night
You'll never have to worry 'cause it's alright

Oh, but I'm tellin' you girl and I know it's true
That I was made to love only you

But it's all right, all right girl
You can hurt me, but it's all right
Go on, yeah

Oh, oh, yeah
My my my baby, wow, yeah!

I said it's all right, all right girl
Hey, now it's all right, all right girl
Now there's one thing I wanna say, hey, yeah
You'll meet a guy who'll make you pay
He'll treat you bad and make you sad
And you will ruin the love you had
Oh, but I hate to say I told you so, but
Baby, you gotta gotta reap what you sow, girl

But it's all right all right girl
You are payin' now, but it's all right

Goodbye, love
Goodbye, girl
You're payin' now, say bye-bye
You hurt me once, you hurt me twice
Oh, but-a baby, that don't cut no ice

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