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Huey Lewis And The News
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  • Chanson: My Other Woman
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Textes et Paroles de My Other Woman

(Johnny Colla/Huey Lewis)

I love my wife - I love my honey
I gave them both everything I had
Like lots of love - and lots of money
Can a little devotion be too much to ask?
I should have seen it coming
Man, you know it's always something
I'd give a month of Sundays to se her again
Believe me when I tell you

I know it's hard - it's never easy
It's like an illness in the family
So I'm takin' the news the best that I can
My other woman's got another man

I was the man - rich and good-lookin'
Ask anybody in the neighborhood
Then she cut out - now nothin's cookin'
All of a sudden I don't look so good
I went to have my head examined
Doctor, what you got for depression?
He pulled me aside and said
"Son, you better get you another other woman"

"I now it's hard - no it ain't easy
You got a problem in your family"
So I'm carrying on the best that I can
My other woman's got another man

Now every day I feel like cryin'
It's like a part of us has gone away
But I'll be strong - pick up the pieces
I'll find the strength to face another day

Yes, I'm carrying on the best that I can
My other woman's got another man

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