Paroles Fighting Naked de Humanwine

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  • Artiste: Humanwine19588
  • Chanson: Fighting Naked
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Textes et Paroles de Fighting Naked

Step right up its your hero
Its your friend
It’ll save until the end
We’ll weed out the foes of our master plan
Guards grab that man
Who stands tall in front of the people
And says

Thieves come out
Of this mouth
Spreading lies

A one world plan
Where your blood dissolves in my hands
Encaustic sleeves
like a leash round your
right to abandon
I’ll haul you in tight
And crush you will
Make it easy to please me disease
The wells which drink
They smell like death

Thieves come out
Of this mouth
Spreading lies

Hypocritical fascist porno priest on the TV
Selling you shit you don’t need
Bony hands greedily eating up V.D. grab bags
“God Save this Man!”
Who got caught on the camera with his pants down
While we sing

Thieves come out
Of his mouth
Spreading lies

You’re safe in my hands
Which protect from foreign lands
Pre-emptive Warning you daily “fear-o-Meter” is rising
The tension is climbing
We’re in Your head
It’s the end of your worries
Securely the Patriot Slaves
I did say Act
Thieves come out
of my mouth
spreading lies

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