Paroles Sickly Suite Pt. 1: How Are You? de I Monster

I Monster
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  • Artiste: I Monster19699
  • Chanson: Sickly Suite Pt. 1: How Are You?
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Textes et Paroles de Sickly Suite Pt. 1: How Are You?

How are you today?Are you sureYou feel okayIt's been a long long time'Cause you've been storedFor nearly half your lifeLike Jaybird when she fliesSomething goodWill cross the skyI hope she lands your wayAnd opens some doorsSo you can show your faceI know a breezeWhen I feel itI know the treesWhen I see themI know a kissWhen I taste itHow are you todayAre you sureYou're still okayIt's been a long long timeBut now you're rebornDragged out into the lightI know a breezeWhen I feel itI know the treesWhen I see themI know a kissWhen I taste itAnd I know my lifeAnd I'll take it

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