Paroles Neon Forest de Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop
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  • Artiste: Iggy Pop4210
  • Chanson: Neon Forest
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Textes et Paroles de Neon Forest

I'm sliding like a lizard on my belly and back
It's a miracle I haven't fallen through any cracks
The life on display is trouble for sure
The drugs that I took have made me impure

The neon forest is lighting up
The neon forest is lighting up
My brain

I've learned some nasty lessons so I'm shutting
My mouth
A fury in my gut is spinning me round
and round
To be a total phony is the winning design
When the fabric of life is a horny goldmine

The neon forest is my home
And like a cartoon cat I roam
Where only kids are still alive
And anyway they're gonna fry
My brain

You can get a weird prize for being adored
You can join the "in crowd" for being a whore
Although you are lonely you wish for a fence
America takes drugs in psychic defense
You can say what you want but nobody's there
Have you got any money?
Are you anybody?

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