Paroles Wild America de Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop
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  • Artiste: Iggy Pop4210
  • Chanson: Wild America
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Textes et Paroles de Wild America

One night out in L.A.
i met a mexicana
with a butchy girlfriend
who i thought was a man
they took me to the alley
to have a little chat
people lined the corner
doin' this and that
in wild america

now i 'm in a black car
with my mexicana
she's got methedrine but
i want marijuana
i don 't want to drive home
not in my condition
so i ask my friend matt
to handle the ignition
in wild america
exterminate the brutes

(live interview:
Rollins: yeah
Iggy: yeah
Rollins: yeah
Iggy: yeah
Iggy: well i mean i like it you have anything you' d like to say to america?
Rollins: I'd iust like to say at this point that i' m 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 day a year american)

i was glad that Debbie
had a sense of humor
this time of the morning
i tend to get gloomy
she laughed and said "Iggy,
you have got a biggy!"
i had no reply
so i just closed my eyes
in wild america
exterminate the brutes
they're goin' wild
goin' wild
they' re goin' wild
they' re goin' wild baby
they got all kinds of fuckin' stuff
they got everything you could imagine
they' re so god dammed spoiled
they' re poisoned inside
they iudge a man by what he's got
and they wanta have more and more
more power, more freedom
taller kids, longer lives
everything, bigger houses, slaves, woa

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