Paroles Sometimes I Laugh to Cry de il gato

il gato
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  • Artiste: il gato52021
  • Chanson: Sometimes I Laugh to Cry
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Textes et Paroles de Sometimes I Laugh to Cry

I went to the doctor man. I said, "Show me all that you feel you can't command". He said, "Son, there ain't much to tell".

I went to the money maker. I said, "Tell me, how does that money make you". He said, "To be honest, I ain't doin' that well. I ain't doin' that well".

I wrote a letter to the poet's pen. I asked all the questions of which I don't understand. She said, "Truth can be found between the inside of your eyes and the outside of your lies".

I sang a song to the lover's laugh. I asked, "How do you feel to know I'm not comin' back?" She said, "Sometimes I laugh to laugh, and sometimes I laugh to cry. Sometimes I laugh to cry."

I stood in the front of the mirror and looked into my own eyes. I said, "What in the hell makes you think you are so wise? Sometimes your own thoughts don't come in your own size."

But my grin told me more than I ever knew. The only person you ever need to believe in is you, and though sometimes your words may seem false, sometimes so does the truth.

Sometimes so does the truth.

Sometimes so do you.

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