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Immortal Souls
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  • Chanson: Heart Of Cold
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Textes et Paroles de Heart Of Cold

Here I stand in coldness, crossroads in the frozen snow.
Many paths from which to choose, one of them is my own.
I stare in disbelief the promise that I hold, as I can feel it in my heart.
Frozen wall of despair, has locked me inside my own head.
And my soul chooses death, rather than this so called life.
I stare in disbelief the promise that I hold, as I can feel it in my heart of cold.
Right to choose my own way, even though I'm locked in time.
For what its worth I hold the key, that unlocks my despair.
I stare in disbelief at the promise I hold, as I can feel it in my heart of cold.

[Chapter III - The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death ends]

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