Paroles Man Of Sorrow de Immortal Souls

Immortal Souls
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  • Artiste: Immortal Souls6094
  • Chanson: Man Of Sorrow
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Textes et Paroles de Man Of Sorrow

"Another lonely afternoon.. I just wait for tomorrow;
With longing and sorrow.."

I still see your eyes before mine;
Thou our time's far behind.
In you; No more life..

The cloak of night ends the day;
Leaving me in the darkness.
As these memories comes to seal my fate..

Your blue beautiful eyes;
And starlit smile.
Haunts me through sleepless nights..

I still keep hearing your last sigh;
Your sincere forgiveness.
And all I could do was to watch you die..

I am the man of sorrow;
I invite you to my pain.
My lonely eyes reflecting;
Their appetite for revenge..

My thoughts keep drifting back;
To when you were gone.
I fell into this maelstrom..

"Revenge is mine": says the Lord;
And if I could leave it to Him.
I would be so much greater being..

I am the Man of Sorrow;
I drown in this pain.
Your tearful eyes lie open;
As you wither in my arms..

Farewell - this is the end..
This pain - you were took away..

I am the man of sorrow;
I drown in this longing.
Your last sigh of forgiveness;
More love in death; than I have alive..

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