Paroles Nightfrost de Immortal Souls

Immortal Souls
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  • Artiste: Immortal Souls6094
  • Chanson: Nightfrost
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Textes et Paroles de Nightfrost

[Chapter I - The Awakening begins]

I wake up in the night not to sound or to light more to dream that's too real.
My thoughts circle inside my distorted mind is this real or still a dream?
As I stare the silent winter night, whispers still echo in my mind.
Cry of frost, Nightfrost, shadow play for me. Call of frost, Nightfrost, the allegory of dream.
At the dark brooding sky I see glow in the night through the heavy snowfall.
Distant weak gleam of light open my tired eyes to welcome coming dawn.
As I stare beauty of winter light, whispers are silenced in my mind.
Cry of frost, Nightfrost, shadow play for me.
Call of frost, Nightfrost, the allegory of dream. Call of frost, Nightfrost, shadow cry for me.
Call of frost, Nightfrost, my journey begins.

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