Paroles The Prophet de Immortal Souls

Immortal Souls
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  • Chanson: The Prophet
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Textes et Paroles de The Prophet

Candle casts a growing shadow
on the carved wooden wall
I look the dark behind the window
and write the vision that I saw

In my eyes the revelation
scene of end with glance of grace
Mankind crying for salvation
They are worth of all the prayers

Worth of all the prayers

Through the gloomy darkened night
I wandered without fear
My soul wrapped in shinning light
as His voice I could hear

Like commands given in prayer
"Write, therefore what you have seen
what is now and what will be later"
The day of reconing is near

The burden that I bare
Secrets of the prophecy
Divine messager
Reflector of doom

Judgment?s call I have heard
in the halls of secrecy
And it's name I have shared
the knowledge of my prophecy

For all those who has wisdom
to interpret what I say
We are waiting for the Kingdom
and for their souls we must pray

The burden that I bare
Secrets of the prophecy
Divine messager
Reflector of doom

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