Paroles God Of The Weak de Impious Havoc

Impious Havoc
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  • Chanson: God Of The Weak
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Textes et Paroles de God Of The Weak

We crush the Christianity
Like the warrior crush the mortals head
Easily and painfully
The death is waiting

Thousand years have past
Since the coming of Christians
They made humans to believe
Believe in their weak God

Now it's time to revenge
Now it's time for meltdown
Nightfall will bring the war
We make them suffer

We crush the Christianity
Like the warrior crush the mortals head
Easily and painfully
The death is waiting

These swords brings the doom
Doom for the mortals
Dom for the Christians
And doom for the weak

We will see them crying
We will see them praying
What else could we do
But use the swords of doom

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