Paroles Slaughtering The Holy Maiden de Impious Havoc

Impious Havoc
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  • Artiste: Impious Havoc33955
  • Chanson: Slaughtering The Holy Maiden
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Textes et Paroles de Slaughtering The Holy Maiden

Death is the master of the mortal man.
Death is the king of the doomed land.
Death is the fate to the likes of us.
Death is the force which we must trust.

The Holy Maiden is preaching again.
Death is nothing you should be afraid".
She must be punished, in the name of the Death.
May she soon feel her last breath.

Slaughtering the Holy Maiden. Slaughtering. Enslaving.
Slaughtering the Holy Maiden. Slaughtering. Enslaving.

Death is the name of our dark lord Satan.
Death is the name of the ninth hell.
Death rides on the wings of demon.
Death is the power, it is all.

When my dagger reached her heart,
Her life ended on the earth.
She deserved it by deriding the death.
It is our master, which you should not forget.

Slaughtering the Holy Maiden. Slaughtering. Enslaving.
Slaughtering the Holy Maiden. Slaughtering. Enslaving.

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