Paroles As I Close My Eyes de Inborn Suffering

Inborn Suffering
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  • Chanson: As I Close My Eyes
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Textes et Paroles de As I Close My Eyes

Alone, forlorn in silence
Nothing left to me
But your memory
As I close my eyes, as my soul withers

The bitter taste of deceit
For all that's untold
This waste of love, a wound in my heart
The grace of your body, imaginary lost

The pale distance
Devours me from within
When shadows are no more
And the river stops bleeding

The throne of my dead illusions
My monument of pain
Is your masterpiece
My soul bleed it's black delusions
In a flowing torrent of hate
And all that you were revives

As I close my eyes

Doomed to my existence
Joy swept away
The mirage vanished
Behind a darkened sky

Hear my cry as I've witnessed
The fading of your memory

This agony inside my soul

As I lay myself to rest
So I throw myself to death
I drown

As I close my eyes

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