Paroles The Agony Within de Inborn Suffering

Inborn Suffering
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  • Chanson: The Agony Within
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Textes et Paroles de The Agony Within

The end is close.... I've did all to avoid
Nevertheless, we must accept our fate
In fathomless depths passion was agonizing

From accomplice to stranger
Tiredness replaced the pondering
From desire to anger
the pain inside I saw

I regret the day that we paid by the flesh
Shall thy punishment be less than mine
Nothing worse than a life to suffer in....

A distance separated our past
And now that you are there, radiant sin
The only hope I can trust in (remains)
The promised end of the agony within
Faded silent jail, with grace
Consumed to grey out dying days

As you said, my bride, it's forever
Behind the vain pray, I have lost my soul
Blood droplets, flowing tears of your broken dream
Secret will remain our entwined misery
Solitude, blinded lies as dusk for eternity

I regret the day that we paid by the flesh
Shall thy punishment be less than mine
Nothing worse than a life to suffer in....

Here we lay together lifeless, inside agonizing
here we stand together blasted, bleeding within

As a dismal epilogue for our funeral idyll
Where blinding light turned to ethereal mist
Scattering distress where love was my disease
Remains a life to suffer in... the agony within...

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