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India Arie
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  • Artiste: India Arie3074
  • Chanson: Back to the middle
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Textes et Paroles de Back to the middle

She is, twenty five, spent over half of her life
So afraid to speak her mind, it's such a shame
'Cause what a brilliant mind she has

And now she's been introduced to confidence
She doesn't see, that she is bordering on arrogance
When will she learn, to come back to the middle

He is, a young black man, grew up without his father
And now it falls into his hands, to protect his mother
'Cause if he doesn't, well then who will, his older brother lives in fear
Of everything, especially, trying to fill his father's shoes

Respectively, they go to extremes, of masculine and feminine
Chasing dreams, but they keep on falling
'Cause they don't know no balance
When will they learn, to come back to the middle

You must take the good with the bad, and you might hit the wall
Sometimes you'll fly and sometimes you'll fall
There isn't any way, to avoid the pain
But it's getting burned, that's how you will learn
To come back to the middle

Instrumental Break

Needing to protect your self now that is just a part of life
If you let your fears keep you from flying, you will never reach your height
To get to the top you must come back to the middle
When will we learn, to come back to the middle

Come back to the middle, Come back to the middle
Don't make no mind about falling down
'Cause it's when you're in that valley
You can see both sides more clearly

Come back to the middle

  "Acoustic soul [#7]"

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