Paroles Complicated Melody de India Arie

India Arie
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  • Artiste: India Arie3074
  • Chanson: Complicated Melody
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Textes et Paroles de Complicated Melody

If he were a color
He'd be a deep dark forest green
If he were a car
He'd be a long stretch limousine
With room for all humanity Inside
Cause' he is so giving, and he is so wise
If he were a number
He'd be a five, cause' he has such a brilliant mind
If he, were an animal, he'd be an ass
Cause' he's stubborn sometimes
But If he were a song
He'd be a complicated melody, that complicated fellow he
I almost can not sing it on key ... But he means the worlds to me

If he were a building, he'd be a beautiful cathedral, cause' he's so
Traditionally spiritual.
If he were a dance, he'd be complicated
Like the tango, exotic like a mango
But if he were a song, he'd be a complicated melody
That complicated fellow he,
I almost can not sing it on key ... But he means the world to me.

He ain't the reason for the sun and moon He Is just the reason for this here tune

Cause' he means the world to me
Said he means the world to me
Me, me, me... yeah
He means the world to me, yeah

Complicated melody
That, complicated fellow he
He's complicated melody
I almost can not sing it on tune

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